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Do’s News February 2014

So here we are back at it and ready for a whole new season of bike riding and rallying in what we hope will be a nice sunny year for a change!! Our 3 rallies are on and are getting geared up to show you the best value rallies in the UK and Europe. To this end, we have NOT put our ticket prices up this year. 

As bikers who put on rallies for bikers, we are proud to raise funds for Motorcycle Action Group (MAG) and FEMA. In fact, we are the only UK organisation financially supporting FEMA, which is the organisation representing UK and other European bikers in Brussels. Any profits from our rallies go to MAG and they pay towards FEMA's work. It's something that keeps Big Brother out of biking!

Over the next few months a volunteer committee will be meeting regularly to put together rallies that YOU want to go to. When they are not giving up there weekends to organise rallies for you, they jump on their bikes and go to other rallies to enjoy themselves. That’s how and why we know what’s important for you, whether it's clean toilets, plenty of cover if it rains, good food, brilliant bands or reasonably priced beer. In fact the whole kit and caboodle of a perfect rally that just needs you - a no attitude, bike riding, fun loving rally going mental crowd.

The other big bike rallies in the UK have started using the term “old school” - that’s code for going back to basics and, in other words, cutting back on things that matter. Or is it about getting back to the bikes and forgetting about the festival going? In any case, we can’t go “old school” - we here to Party AND Ride with a Purpose!!

You can buy tickets from February 2014 on our secure webpage, or you can ring the ticket and information Freephone number 0800 988 3199 and for those of you who want to send cheques to us to purchase tickets, Just write the cheque out to the rally you wish to get tickets for and send it to PO Box number. P.O. Box 568 Rotherham S63 3FA with a S.A.E.

It will be great to see you in a field in Yorkshire.

Ride Free,

Because that’s what it’s all about.


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Next year's main event dates have now been confirmed so make sure these dates are in your diary!! Of course, we will keep you posted about them through our newsletter. So if you're not signed up yet then use the form below to get subscribed!


2nd – 4th May 2014


20th - 22nd June 2014


1st - 3rd August 2014

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