The Farmyard Party 2014

20th to the 22nd of June

The Farmyard is 28 Years' young on the third weekend in June 2014. Europe’s Biggest and Europe’s Best Bike Rally is gearing up to give you a large dose of what you had for twenty eight years.

This year we are coming back at you on the weekend of MID SUMMER - just like it was 28 years' ago at the first Farmyard at Cat Babbelton Farm - and that was a scorcher! So on the Saturday 21st of June 2014 - mid-summer - who knows what will happen.

With no expense spared we are going to bring you all the entertainment areas you love, with Rock, Blues, a mixture of all sorts of music and ales. A speak-easy with just some back ground music where you can sit in one of our comfy chairs and chat to whoever will listen to you. And it’s all covered in thousands of square meters of Marquees.

For those who can’t wait or need to be travelling to us a day before because of the distance, we have a limited amount of Thursday Night tickets. Just have a look in the section menu on this page see if it suits you.

We will have a camp site that allows you to have camp fires. We provide the wood - how good is that eh! 120 tons of wood cut into handy camp fire lengths. If camp fires are not your thing then we have a no fires field and we have doubled the size of that this year due to popular demand.

Whatever you want out of a bike gathering, event or a rally, the Farmyard has it all, chilling next to a campfire, rocking out, swaying to Blues, varied genres of music, dancing to rock, blues and even pop, one year I saw a bloke so drunk he was dancing to a bike alarm! Or you can just sat in a traditional rally marquee chewing the fat the Farmyard Party is for you.

Why is the Farmyard for you? Because we are you! We rally just like you and we know what we like.

The Farmyard Party 2013 Review

The Farmyard was 27 Years young on the third weekend in June 2013. And what a party it was this year. With over 6,000 on site and all with a "let's party attitude" the rally could go down as one of the best we have had.

Watching you the valued customer giving it large to the Ska toons on the Friday night was something to behold.

All of the stages went down well and as usual Crusty’s became the meeting point at the end of each night for you to discuss what on earth you had been doing since you last saw your mates 6 hours ago.

Thank you for partying with a purpose and supporting our rallies that support you the great British Biker.

Here is some of the nice things you have sent us. Ride Free.

Barry  "The Farmyard is great the way its set up... we had a great time, see one and all next year :-) "

Paula  "We haven't done the farmyard or a bike rally for a couple of years for one reason or another, but we managed to get to the FYP this year... we had an absolutely fab time, just what we needed. Thank you

Stuart "5 yrs on't bounce now we've been to Farmyard and every year we leave the feeling is the same, like "what a weekend"it's one of the best rally's we go to each year and will continue to do so"

Timothy  "Can't fault it as a bike rally...keep it the same, nice to 'graze between tents'- lots of stalls and marquees doing different things; best show all year! AND its in Yorkshire! £30/ ticket? NO problem! worth it AND going to MAG funds! Comedy great, blues tent was my favourite....3rd dgree le'burne was AMAZING....coming next year at this rate..."

Alex  "You all do a grand job, which is appreciated by the people who attend. Keep it as it is, no complaints from me, and cant wait for next year"

Kathryn  "We had a flipping blast! Don't change a thing! We're coming next year too only we won't get lost this time! Lol

Jan  "We loved it, and will be back next year"

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